Tips for Using Invisalign®

More than one patient has come into our office and asked, “What can I do to help my teeth when wearing Invisalign?” While everyone’s teeth and dental needs are different, there are certain things everyone can do to make wearing their Invisalign aligners a more rewarding experience. Always follow the list of instructions and tips […]

Dreaming of a stunning smile without using braces?

Most of us aren’t born with a red carpet smile. And if you’ve thought about straightening your teeth but are apprehensive about doing so with traditional orthodontic treatment, Dr. Martine Decambre and our team at Braces For Us want you to know there is another option – Invisalign®! Invisalign is an ideal solution for most […]

A Few Facts to Smile About

                                                                            We are so excited to see Dr DeCambre’s article with the Treasure Coast Parenting website. If you […]

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