All About Nail Biting

Q. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Phil Collins, LeBron James, Eva Mendes, Britney Spears, and Casey Affleck. What have these famous people had in common? A. Nail biting. Nail biting is one of the most common ‘nervous habits.’ It can be triggered by stress, excitement, boredom or inactivity. It can also be a learned behavior from family […]

Besides Straight Teeth, What are the Benefits of Braces?

Everyone wants a naturally aligned and beautiful smile, and it is no secret that orthodontic braces can help deliver one. However, there are greater benefits to wearing braces than just having straight teeth. You’ll gain many oral health benefits in addition to the cosmetic ones. Tooth Decay and Gum Disease Crooked or crowded teeth may […]

And the Winner Is…..

Attention! Attention! We would like to announce the winner for the “Dinner for Two” parent contest: Congrats to Candace F. ! We trust that you will enjoy your night out for dinner at Chili’s and we thank you so much for being a part of our Braces For Us family!