Guess How Many Braces-Friendly Hershey’s Kisses Are in the Jar!

Braces For Us is holding a new contest for our patients for Halloween! We have a jar full of Hershey’s kisses located at the front desk with contest slips. Patients have a chance to guess how many chocolates are in the jar. Guess the right number of chocolates and win the jar of braces friendly […]

Cold season is here, be prepared!

Cold and flu season is here yet again. The folks at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that a common cold usually includes sneezing, runny nose, sore throat and coughing. Symptoms can last for up to two weeks. To promote a healthy and clean environment, our entire staff give a great deal of attention […]

Let’s Talk About Toothpaste!

Have you been trying to go a little greener these days? Maybe you spend more time comparing organic and non-organic products at the store? If this is the case, then perhaps you’ve noticed that organic and natural items have begun to pop up in more aisles than just produce! The good news is that you […]

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