Bruxism/Teeth Grinding, from Dr. DeCambre

What is it and what causes it? Bruxism is the grinding of teeth together; oftentimes without you even being aware that you are doing so. Most people grind their teeth at night; however some do so during the day. This usually occurs as a direct response to tense or stressful situations. Bruxism has also been […]

Orthodontic myths & facts with Dr. DeCambre & Braces For Us

Myth Braces are very expensive so it’s best to wait to schedule and Orthodontic Consultation when one can afford it. Fact There was indeed a time when Orthodontic Treatment was very unaffordable. However, with free consultations, and the many and varied Insurance plans and payment plans available today, more and more families are able to […]

How is Periodontal Disease linked to your overall health? From Dr. DeCambre

Periodontal Disease, more commonly known as Gum Disease, is a condition that results in major damage to the soft tissue and bone that surround the teeth. Bacteria that live and reproduce on the teeth and gums cause Periodontal Disease. If left untreated, it WILL result in the loss of teeth. The unfortunate fact is that […]

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