Ask Dr. DeCambre: “I’m 32 – am I too old for braces?”

Absolutely not! Approximately 30 percent of my patients are indeed adults with the oldest patient to date being closed to 80 years old! I have had mixed reactions from my patients with regards to orthodontic treatment. Many are most receptive to Invisalign, or “clear” braces. Many say they have taken care of their children and […]

Are you wearing your mouthguard?

With fall sports close to wrapping up and winter sports right around the corner, many patients here at Braces For Us will once again pick up the ball, bring the cleats out of seasonal retirement and hit the fields for the return of sports action! During this time, however, Dr. Martine DeCambre and our team […]

Ask Dr. DeCambre: Which toothbrush do you recommend?

Thank you for the question! I have been using Sonicare ever since I wore braces over 14 years ago. This brush lives up to its claims. It has improved the health of my gums tremendously. It cleans teeth extremely well and even lifts stains. I highly recommend this brush; especially to those who wear braces. […]

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