Types of Dental Appliances

While many people think dental treatment has to involve permanent solutions, sometimes the best option is an appliance. Dental appliances are often a great choice for solving problems that do not need 24/7 correcting. Depending on your needs, there’s a variety of dental appliances designed to restore and protect your teeth, while ensuring they do […]

Clear Braces Are A Distinct Alternative

A mouth full of metal wires is no longer a requirement for straight teeth and a symmetrical smile. Clear braces can create a brilliant smile without hurting your self-esteem or professional appearance and are available in the Port St. Lucie, FL area. There are several kinds of clear braces that Port St. Lucie orthodontist Dr. Martine A. […]

Transform Your Smile With Invisalign

Why choose Invisalign over traditional braces? Comfort and convenience are not words normally associated with traditional braces. Brackets tend to irritate the inside of the mouth and make treatment obvious to everyone. Martine A. DeCambre, DDS is the premier Port St. Lucie orthodontist to see if discretion, comfort, and convenience are important during realignment. Invisalign […]

National Orthodontic Health Month

While many people know that October is a time for Halloween and silly costumes, Halloween is also a dentist’s worst nightmare. With the sheer amount of sugar handed out to children, cavities are likely to soar. Perhaps this is why October is also National Orthodontic Health Month. With so much focus on who can get […]

Type of Appliances

Orthodontists primarily treat patients who need help correcting certain maxillofacial problems, such as misaligned teeth, malocclusion, or too much space between the teeth. Treating these conditions requires the assistance of orthodontic appliances, of which there are many. Orthodontic appliances come in many variations – some being fixed and some being removable. They serve various purposes, […]

When is the Best Time to Consult an Orthodontist?

Orthodontists are dental specialists who work to bring the teeth and jaws into their ideal position for optimal oral health. It is very common for children and young teens to visit orthodontists to monitor or correct complications with emerging permanent teeth. Though a child may visit the orthodontist at any time, the elementary years serve […]

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

For most people, orthodontic treatment is about achieving a beautiful smile. Whether you had braces as a child and failed to retain your results or you have never had braces at all, orthodontic treatment could offer you the dazzling straight smile you’ve always wanted. From children and teens to adults, the benefits of orthodontics are […]

The Importance of Space Maintenance After Tooth Loss

Your child’s baby teeth are not just there to make her look cute in pictures; they serve a very important oral health purpose. First and foremost, baby teeth aid in the healthy growth and development of the jaw and teeth. Until the permanent tooth emerges from the gums, primary teeth remain in place to save […]

Retention: The Importance of Wearing a Retainer

Over 4 million people in the U.S. are wearing braces of some kind at any given time – approximately 1 million of whom are adults. The demand for orthodontic treatment has grown over the years, as many people are intrigued by the relatively short and effective treatment options that modern dentistry has to offer. It […]

Benefits of Early Orthodontics

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It’s an important truth – especially when it comes to your child’s health. Many children will eventually need corrective dental work, but when? Orthodontic treatment implemented at a young age is not only effective, but it can also eliminate the need for more extensive orthodontic […]

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