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Orthodontic Emergency? We can help!

True orthodontic emergencies are very rare, but when they do occur we are available to you. As a general rule, you should call the office when you experience severe pain or when you have a painful appliance problem that you can’t take care of yourself. We’ll be able to schedule an appointment with our office. […]

June marks National Dairy Month!

In honor of June Dairy Month, our team would like to thank all of our hard working families in the Dairy Industry. In fact, dairy is important to your overall health! Regular consumption of dairy products, such as milk, cheese and yogurt, have been found to lower your chances of contracting periodontal disease (also known […]

May is National Teen Self-Esteem Month, from Dr. DeCambre

At Dr. Martine DeCambre’s office, we know image is everything. At an age when image is so important, the thought of having braces may intensify the already-delicate confidence of today’s teens. Well, May is National Teen Self-Esteem Month, and during this time, parents are encouraged to act as positive role models, help stop negative self-images, […]

Your pal, fluoride

There are so many ways you protect your teeth throughout your orthodontic treatment with Dr. DeCambre. You brush your teeth twice a day, floss regularly and protect your mouth and appliances from being damaged. But did you know there is another, often forgotten about, way to keep your teeth clean and healthy during your treatment? […]

Ask Dr. DeCambre: “When should my child visit for an orthodontic consultation?”

Great question! Braces were originally considered to be best appropriate for teens. But these days, kids as old as seven are beginning their orthodontic treatment. Because preadolescent kids are typically not self-conscious, our friends at the American Association of Orthodontists suggest it could be a good idea to start early. Experts, however, say it depends […]

Bruxism/Teeth Grinding, from Dr. DeCambre

What is it and what causes it? Bruxism is the grinding of teeth together; oftentimes without you even being aware that you are doing so. Most people grind their teeth at night; however some do so during the day. This usually occurs as a direct response to tense or stressful situations. Bruxism has also been […]

Orthodontic myths & facts with Dr. DeCambre & Braces For Us

Myth Braces are very expensive so it’s best to wait to schedule and Orthodontic Consultation when one can afford it. Fact There was indeed a time when Orthodontic Treatment was very unaffordable. However, with free consultations, and the many and varied Insurance plans and payment plans available today, more and more families are able to […]

Patient question: “What causes bad breath?”

Q. What causes bad breath? A. 90% Ninety percent of bad breath cases are caused by oral bacteria in the mouth—something that’s easily treatable. Bad breath (halitosis) may be caused by poor oral hygiene habits and others might be a sign of more serious health problems. Here are a few causes: • Eating foods with […]

Self-Esteem and Your Child, from Dr. DeCambre (Continued)

A couple weeks ago, Dr. DeCambre discussed about how to help our children develop a healthy self-esteem. Today we will look at why it’s so important to start early and what makes up good self-esteem The entire goal of building self-esteem in our kids is to help them reach that point where they trust what […]

Self-Esteem and Your Child, from Dr. DeCambre

As a creator of beautiful smiles, I am very interested in the growth and development of the face and jaws. As the mother of a toddler and a healthcare provider for hundreds of kids, I am very interested in growth and development in general. So, I took to the books and this whole topic of […]

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