Self-Esteem and Your Child, from Dr. DeCambre (Continued)

A couple weeks ago, Dr. DeCambre discussed about how to help our children develop a healthy self-esteem. Today we will look at why it’s so important to start early and what makes up good self-esteem
The entire goal of building self-esteem in our kids is to help them reach that point where they trust what they think and they know that they are worthy of happiness. This all begins extremely early! In fact, several studies have shown that approximately 80-90% of a child’s character and mental development is significantly developed by age 5. Age 5!

We each parent differently and this is wonderful because each child is unique and has different needs. There seems though to be five conditions consistently associated with high self-esteem in children:

• Acceptance of thoughts, feelings and value of his or her person
• The child is not given unrestricted freedom but has clearly defined, fair boundaries.
• Violence, humiliation or ridicule is not used to control and manipulate.
• Parents uphold high standards in terms of behavior and performance. The child is challenged to be the best he or she can be.
• The parents themselves tend to enjoy a high level of self-esteem and set great examples for the child to follow

Dr. DeCambre and her wonderful staff are totally committed to nurturing the self-esteem of all the children they interact with. Stop by and visit with us any time!

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