Ask Dr. DeCambre: Which toothbrush do you recommend?

Thank you for the question! I have been using Sonicare ever since I wore braces over 14 years ago. This brush lives up to its claims. It has improved the health of my gums tremendously. It cleans teeth extremely well and even lifts stains. I highly recommend this brush; especially to those who wear braces. Sonicare has now released their airflosser that allows you to jet a puff of air and liquid between your teeth to remove any food particles. It has a reservoir into which may be placed water; peroxide or mouth wash. We have for sale sonicare products in our office and our prices tend to be lower than the retail stores. Sonicare stands behind their product for 6 months when their unit is purchased from our office – no questions asked.

We also have other dental products that are the best of what’s out there to keep your gums, teeth and appliances clean and healthy while undergoing orthodontic treatment!

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