How is Periodontal Disease linked to your overall health? From Dr. DeCambre

Periodontal Disease, more commonly known as Gum Disease, is a condition that results in major damage to the soft tissue and bone that surround the teeth. Bacteria that live and reproduce on the teeth and gums cause Periodontal Disease. If left untreated, it WILL result in the loss of teeth. The unfortunate fact is that this condition is relatively painless and often goes untreated.

In recent years, there have been links between gum disease and certain other diseases in our bodies. Our mouth has many blood vessels, and, when bacteria and inflammatory products are present, they may enter our bloodstreams through microscopic openings in our gum tissue and travel to various organs in our bodies.

As a result, researchers continue to study the link between gum disease and the following health problems

• Heart Disease
• Stroke
• Diabetes
• Premature Birth and Low Birth Weight Infants

Remember that the best cure is prevention so…

• Straighten your teeth. Teeth that are crowded are nearly impossible to keep clean. Orthodontic treatment can greatly reduce inflammation and periodontal disease.
• Brush and floss daily. Unwaxed floss helps to effectively remove plaque between the teeth.
• Use an anti-bacterial mouthwash. This helps to reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth.
• See your dentist at least every 6 months for regular professional cleanings.

A beautiful, healthy smile speaks volumes. Take excellent care of your teeth — and they will last you a lifetime!

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