National Orthodontic Health Month

While many people know that October is a time for Halloween and silly costumes, Halloween is also a dentist’s worst nightmare. With the sheer amount of sugar handed out to children, cavities are likely to soar. Perhaps this is why October is also National Orthodontic Health Month. With so much focus on who can get the most candy, it is also important that children keep their teeth clean. When kids reach middle school, many kids fear the thought of having braces. While this can be uncomfortable for children, they are also an important part of orthodontic health.

Three Things to Consider

First and foremost, braces make teeth easier to clean. Yes, it can be a challenge to clean behind brackets and under the wires at first, but once the braces come off, the teeth are straight. Straight teeth are much easier to brush and floss effectively. This means that it is easier for children and adults to prevent tooth decay. Preventing tooth decay doesn’t just maintain good oral health, but helps to maintain the overall health as well. Bacteria are less likely to spread down the throat and cause more significant medical problems if the teeth are kept clean.

Next, braces can also correct any overbite or underbite the patient might have. While many people have their self-esteem improve once their teeth and bite are corrected, having a bite alignment problem can also cause dental problems over time. In addition to making it more difficult to speak or eat, bite problems can cause inappropriate wear on certain portions of the mouth. Over time, this can crack or chip away at teeth and cause tooth decay or other oral health issues. Take the time to talk with an orthodontist about any possible bite issues to maintain teeth in the greatest shape possible.

Finally, straight teeth and a proper bite will do wonders for a person’s confidence. Children will feel more confident speaking in public or performing on stage at their school. They might even perform better during athletic events. For many careers, a cover photo is an important part of anyone’s resume. Candidates will no longer be afraid to show off their smile for that professional cover photo. With much-improved self-confidence, people’s lives can be turned around with a straighter smile. With so many reasons to get braces, it’s no wonder why so many people invest in braces during their adolescent or adult years.

For people looking for a Port St. Lucie Orthodontist, consider contacting Braces For Us and Dr. Martine A. DeCambre. With a top-notch education and years of experience correcting orthodontic health issues for a wide variety of patients, it is easy to understand why Dr. DeCambre is so popular among patients in the Port St. Lucie, FL area. Dr. DeCambre knows that receiving braces can be a nervous experience for many patients. She takes every effort to keep everyone comfortable and informed during their journey to a straighter smile. Contact Dr. DeCambre today for an appointment!

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