Orthodontic myths & facts with Dr. DeCambre & Braces For Us

Braces are very expensive so it’s best to wait to schedule and Orthodontic Consultation when one can afford it.

There was indeed a time when Orthodontic Treatment was very unaffordable. However, with free consultations, and the many and varied Insurance plans and payment plans available today, more and more families are able to afford Orthodontic Treatment.

Orthodontic treatment is indeed a worthwhile investment in your smile and sometimes waiting too long to have a treatment may result in a more involved treatment plan and therefore more expense treatment. When viewed as such, the ability to finance that investment over time makes it worthwhile. The following is a list of the various ways in which Orthodontic Treatment may be financed…

• In-house interest-free financing (everyone get financed)
• Chase third party financing
• Care Credit third party financing
• If you opt to pay in full you may do so with a discount
• All primary insurances are filed in house and you only pay on the balance

The benefits of Orthodontic treatment are worth the time taken to schedule your free Orthodontic examination and at that time you may discus with your orthodontist your many and varied payment options. Many patients are now very surprised at how affordable braces have become.

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