Why Teeth Become Crooked, from Dr. DeCambre

What we can we do to straighten them!

After practicing Orthodontics for the past nine years I still enjoy the excitement of trying to determine why patients’ teeth are not straight. It’s like fitting pieces of a puzzle together!

Reasons for Crooked Teeth

• Genetics – what we inherit from our parents and grandparents
• Habits such as finger sucking, tongue sucking, tongue thrusting and mouth breathing
• Periodontal or Gum Disease, which undermine the support for teeth rendering them mobile and less than stable
• Accidents that affect either the teeth, jaws or both

Treatment Options

• Appliances such as expanders to gain space for our younger patients
• Appliances to help to curtail habits mentioned above
• Traditional braces to straighten teeth
• Invisalign™ (clear removable aligners) to straighten teeth in teens and adults
• Periodontal treatment and regular cleanings to ensure the stability and health of the bones in which the teeth reside

Maintenance of Straight teeth

Once orthodontic treatment is complete (traditional braces or Invisalign™), it is extremely important that retainers be worn daily for as long as you would like to keep your teeth nice and straight.

Remember that Orthodontic treatment is an investment of both time and money. The only way to secure that investment and ensure straight and beautiful teeth for a lifetime is to wear your retainers!

Here’s to you and your beautiful smile!

Dr. D.

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